An Introduction

Well, hello there! (Yes, I realize that there’s nobody out there yet. I am, however, comfortable with talking to myself.)

I’ve decided to take a flying leap into the abyss of the Internets and try my hand at blogging. It feels only natural for someone who misses the writing assignments of long-ago high school English classes—and someone who’s itching to learn more about her camera. And why not share the love? I’ve long been a lurker on my favorite blogs, culling inspiration (and recipes) from their posts, but have never really given back to the community.

Plus, there’s lots to mull over. As other recent college grads can attest, this point in life is both momentous and confusing: we have our entire life stories waiting to be written, but all these choices and options can feel paralyzing. I’m reminded of an issue of Psychology Today that my roommates and I often flipped through, pausing at the dog-eared article entitled “The Art of Now.” It was a six-step, detailed list providing instructions on how to stop overthinking and start living in the moment. Ironic, no? But paradoxically, that’s sort of the perfect way for my list-making self to start exploring. With endless directions to turn now that I’m living on my own, a little organization helps me focus my spontaneity. Most often, I turn to lists to find direction, whether they be to-do lists, life lists, wish lists—heck, even New Year’s resolutions! I just can’t fight my natural planning tendencies, and I may as well use my OCD powers for good rather than evil.

So it feels like a natural step to start publicly checking things off my lists on this blog. I hope you stick around (or rather, join me) as I start writing my story.