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Weekend in Annapolis

After a few weather-bound weekends at home, there was nothing that sounded better than throwing a duffel in the car and winding along the highway to someplace entirely new. But we only had 24 hours, so the destination had to be about an hour from home, and small enough to explore in a day. Enter […]

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My Shenandoah, I Long to Meet You

Another weekend, another walk in the woods. My recent outdoor adventures may suggest that I have a one-track mind, but it’s not completely my fault: this hiking thing is truly addictive. That’s something I never thought I’d say, given all the family vacations during which my little brother and I grumbled through our forced marches […]

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West Virginia, Mountain Mama

It’s much easier to go adventuring when you have a car. This probably does not come as surprising news to you, but as a first-time car owner, it’s been a revelation. Since leaving my car-owning parents for college, I’ve been entirely at the will of Washington D.C.’s public transportation system. It’s a fine one, but […]

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