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All of My Love

Since Valentine’s Day is traditionally a recognition of romantic love, many people rightfully have strong feelings about the day, based on whether they’re single or coupled. But I enjoy thinking back to my elementary school days, when the holiday recognized platonic affection too. Surely you remember buying little valentines for everyone in your class, and […]

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Buffaloed by Bon Appétit

Well, friends, it has come to this. Last night, after being shut in my apartment for the fifth straight snow day (I almost miss my office cubicle), I resorted to picking through the dregs of my pantry and fridge to piece together dinner. And those dregs were quite random: a jar of roasted red peppers […]

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Easy as Pie

If there’s one thing I miss about college life, it’s the proximity to my friends. Yes, sharing 600 square feet with three other girls became grating by senior year—in retrospect, I think we were literally running into each other in our tiny kitchen. No, I don’t miss our upstairs neighbors; christened “The Stompers,” they not […]

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