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The Safest Investment

The one downside of paying off my student loans? When I emerged debt-free on the other side, I had to figure out a new set of motivations for my financial life. Not that I have much money to throw around, mind you, but I’m a very intention-driven person: with one goal gone, another must follow. […]

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Seeing Square | Goose Island on Film

In a beauty contest pitting Chicago’s neighborhoods against each other, Goose Island wouldn’t exactly make the top ten. She might have some great insights to share during the interview competition—about the amazing beer brewed on her shores, or the fact that she’s the only island on the Chicago River—but even an evening gown couldn’t hide […]

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…and to Draw a Bright White Line With Light

A few weeks ago, I visited a tiny but beautiful exhibit of Uta Barth’s photography at the Art Institute. Uta, as I learned, is a homebody, and she’s fascinated by the panes of light that move across her house. She stays inside for long periods of time, painstakingly tracking the progress of light on film; […]

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