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A Seed Sprouts in Brooklyn

For my sixteenth birthday, when most other newly-licensed kids would be begging their parents for their first (beat-up) car, I was begging mine to go to New York. The Met was about to put on an exhibit of Richard Avedon’s portraiture, you see, and I was just precocious enough to understand how cool that was. […]

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Gentlemen Prefer Blondies

It’s been awhile since I attended a bake sale, but I do have fond memories of the events held in our school cafeteria. Plastic tables—heavy with Duncan Hines confetti cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies—were staffed by students with little experience as cashiers, and mobbed by their sugar-toothed classmates. The spectacle was fun enough, but at […]

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Head in the Game

I have a bit of a magazine obsession, but at least reading Runner’s World (as opposed to, erm, Us Weekly) offers more than mindless entertainment. Even though I’m just coming back from a long break from the sport, reading its articles has kept my head in the game. Coincidentally, their March 2010 issue has a […]

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